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What are the characteristics/behaviors that define a narcissist?

This is to help create awareness of narcissists.. Therefore, providing wisdom to how they both positively and negatively affect peoples lives dependent upon the type of relationship you have with one. This should help understand how to deal with them or to just get away from them all together, because there's no real treatment for them.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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  • Oct 24 2012: Wrote this in former post:

    narcissism is a child like state In with they believe the objective world exists as an extension of the self, it does not exist independently(they seem to think the world revolves around them). It works as a defense due to shame and guilt over how a person unconsciously views themself. the mental process that occurs usually stems from two opposing aspects. narcissism can be created due to pampering and high expectations and it also occurs due to abuse and neglect. Both however seem to create similar attitudes and perceptions.

    Narcissism is normal in certain developmental states and for some reason child rearing from two opposing points seems to create an individual who has reverted to a child like self absorption. An example of narcissism would be an individual who sees themselves as a genius, when there is little evidence to back this claim up. Upon further viewing of this individual it would have to be evident that they are not psychotic and probably also believe other ideas about themselves that are equally grandiose and seemingly untrue. Another aspect is the individual will take half truths and run to the extreme with them. If a person is somewhat average looking and someone tells them they are very pretty, or handsome narcissists will take this in as a truth that they are extremely gorgeous or extremely handsome. This goes both ways and reactions would be similar to a remark that is taken as demeaning.

    There isn't much sense of an identity, in fact the identity would mostly be mediated by his or her peers. This can be said of many people, so when I use these examples, understand I mean them in the EXTREME form. To encapsulate, narcissism is a defense mechanism and a reversion to child like thought and behavior that works to feed the totally selfish aspect of personality. The person is both asocial yet relies heavily on positive reinforcement from his/her peers.

    big business loves these guys..

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