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What are the characteristics/behaviors that define a narcissist?

This is to help create awareness of narcissists.. Therefore, providing wisdom to how they both positively and negatively affect peoples lives dependent upon the type of relationship you have with one. This should help understand how to deal with them or to just get away from them all together, because there's no real treatment for them.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

Topics: psychology

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  • Oct 24 2012: Narcissist. Well,I think all of us are narcissist, we only differ from the intensity of narcissistic personality in a person.
    A person may have a low intensity of narcissism, and on the other hand have a high intensity on other person.
    I think narcissism is triggered or stimulated by ego/pride/self confidence, the feeling of being immortal.

    The positive effect of it on a person is that it harnesses all the positive vibrations/energies around him,making him believe in himself/self confidence which makes it easier for him to reach a goal/something.The other thing about narcissists is that,in a way, they inspire and encourage people to believe in themselves and just go for the gold.

    The negative effect of narcissism is that they cant control themselves,its like an overflowing confidence which results to annoying or even hurting other people without them knowing. but nevertheless narcissism is a good motivator/stimulator, but it must be controlled into a certain level.

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