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What are the characteristics/behaviors that define a narcissist?

This is to help create awareness of narcissists.. Therefore, providing wisdom to how they both positively and negatively affect peoples lives dependent upon the type of relationship you have with one. This should help understand how to deal with them or to just get away from them all together, because there's no real treatment for them.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

  • Oct 24 2012: Wrote this in former post:

    narcissism is a child like state In with they believe the objective world exists as an extension of the self, it does not exist independently(they seem to think the world revolves around them). It works as a defense due to shame and guilt over how a person unconsciously views themself. the mental process that occurs usually stems from two opposing aspects. narcissism can be created due to pampering and high expectations and it also occurs due to abuse and neglect. Both however seem to create similar attitudes and perceptions.

    Narcissism is normal in certain developmental states and for some reason child rearing from two opposing points seems to create an individual who has reverted to a child like self absorption. An example of narcissism would be an individual who sees themselves as a genius, when there is little evidence to back this claim up. Upon further viewing of this individual it would have to be evident that they are not psychotic and probably also believe other ideas about themselves that are equally grandiose and seemingly untrue. Another aspect is the individual will take half truths and run to the extreme with them. If a person is somewhat average looking and someone tells them they are very pretty, or handsome narcissists will take this in as a truth that they are extremely gorgeous or extremely handsome. This goes both ways and reactions would be similar to a remark that is taken as demeaning.

    There isn't much sense of an identity, in fact the identity would mostly be mediated by his or her peers. This can be said of many people, so when I use these examples, understand I mean them in the EXTREME form. To encapsulate, narcissism is a defense mechanism and a reversion to child like thought and behavior that works to feed the totally selfish aspect of personality. The person is both asocial yet relies heavily on positive reinforcement from his/her peers.

    big business loves these guys..
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    Oct 24 2012: As Fritzie stated ... how seldom do we see it. Probally the most accounts are from the rich/famous/politicians and are written by those who were close to them.

    Bill Clinton still does not get it that to "use" Monica was wrong. Reading the accounts of his staff in books after the Clintons left the White House the defination of a narcissist should include a photo of both Bill and Hillary.

    For these A list members it is important that they have a public face and the agents and spin doctors work around the clock to keep the image pure. Of course this has not worked out so well for some athletes and movie stars as of late. There are some people who you just cannot help.

    To be fair these people are under close scrutiny and have newsys camped out to catch every cough or belch and certainly a reveaing photo is worth a million words. Many books a written by disgruntled staffers. However, this has never discouraged the totally stupid from doing what ever it is that they want.

    Life a funny ole dog ... huh

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    Oct 24 2012: A narcissist gives no thought to the needs of others. In proper society we like labels and the one we replaced "selfish jerk" with is " Narcissist".
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    Oct 24 2012: Narcissists are obsessed with themselves; especially their appearance. Their manner is a pointer to a way not to live. They can only change if they really want to change, it is not impossible. What one can do is pray for them; so that they become aware of their need for help and actually seek help.
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    Oct 24 2012: This is what I found on Wikipedia in terms of definition: An expert source may be more authoritative.

    "Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder[1] in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.[2][3] First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism."

    Obviously what one considers "excessively" is something of a judgment call.

    Interestingly, given that one percent is actually not miniscule, I am surprised at how little I have encountered it. I can recall only one instance, really, of a person who proudly and continually describes how he does all sorts of things, how creative he is, how he chooses which book to read next, and so forth, when there is nothing exemplary or even unusual about him in any of these things.

    I think most reactions range from polite responses to a bit of eye-rolling, though close friends to him likely respond differently.
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    Oct 24 2012: Well that counts me out, I usually look at a scene before i enter it.
  • Oct 24 2012: "What are the characteristics/behaviors that define a narcissist?"

    I wouldn't know, ask someone who is not as perfect as I am.
  • Oct 24 2012: Narcissist. Well,I think all of us are narcissist, we only differ from the intensity of narcissistic personality in a person.
    A person may have a low intensity of narcissism, and on the other hand have a high intensity on other person.
    I think narcissism is triggered or stimulated by ego/pride/self confidence, the feeling of being immortal.

    The positive effect of it on a person is that it harnesses all the positive vibrations/energies around him,making him believe in himself/self confidence which makes it easier for him to reach a goal/something.The other thing about narcissists is that,in a way, they inspire and encourage people to believe in themselves and just go for the gold.

    The negative effect of narcissism is that they cant control themselves,its like an overflowing confidence which results to annoying or even hurting other people without them knowing. but nevertheless narcissism is a good motivator/stimulator, but it must be controlled into a certain level.