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How is modern architecture influenced by ancient architecture?

Ancient Rome, Greece, etc. What do you think of ancient architecture versus modern? Does ancient architecture influence modern architecture?

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    Oct 25 2012: Modern Architecture leaves me absolutely cold. This is because architects seem more concerned about winning plaudits, accolades and awards from their peers, rather than designing something actually enjoyable to look at and live in for people who only have realistic amounts of money.

    Conspicuous by its absence is any sense of the aesthetic, or sense of place. Computer-generated, standardized monstrosities put side-by-side next to beautiful, ancient buildings, apart from being a lazy compromise, is also an architectural ego trip, rather than any desire to improve anything environmentally or socially. The two architectural styles just end up throwing insults at each other.

    The ancient and the vernacular forms of architecture on the other hand, are grounded in the 'local' - using local materials and with a regional sense of ornamentation. It feels 'right' and actually creates a unique and pleasing sense of place.
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    Oct 24 2012: If this is for school. you will be pleased that there is a huge amount of material online on this subject, often separating the effects of Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Indian, and Chinese.

    My personal taste does not lean toward modern. I like wood and stone.
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    Oct 25 2012: Architecture to me always seems like a compromise out of budget restrictions, contemporary taste and building material properties, in which each of them influence another.

    Comparing only our temples, today and back then, there is a major shift from meaning and beauty towards expediency and standardisation and, surprisingly, a less lasting building quality.
  • Oct 25 2012: Fritzie is of course right. I assume virtually everyone stands on giants. But this question can be shifted a bit.