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Live Chat with TED Books author Howard Rheingold today at 2pm Eastern: Can our digital tools make us smarter?

Continuing with our series of TED book chats, for the next few weeks we'll be discussing Howard Rheingold's new TED eBook, "Mind Amplifier".

Do we humans co-evolve with the tools we build? Can our tools actually make us smarter? "Mind Amplifier" explores the origins of our digital tools, and lays out a framework for harnessing them to collectively and collaboratively solve our most pressing problems.

The book is available for Kindle, Nook, and iOS devices (which have a great new custom TED Books app):

Kindle copy: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009GQXRQ8

iOS app: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ted-books/id511071050?mt=8

The author will be joining us for a live Q&A November 8th at 2pm Eastern, mark your calendars!

You can also watch Howard's 2005 TEDTalk, linked below.

So, let's get things started... do our new online tools make us smarter? And if not, can we design and use them in a way that does?


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    Nov 8 2012: Love you Howard. Love you Aja. Yes totallly agree social capital as in the relationships a person can build within their community are the 'golden treasure' really. In a major disaster you either want to be visible to help others or you want other people to notice you are not 'visible' and therefore possibly need some help. When resources are scarce, the person who hoards will be attacked for the hoard. The person who demands money for their services will be attacked when others have no money. That is why balance is so important. There will always be more less wealthy people than more wealthy people but a circle is better than a pyramid every time. People need to live in peace and harmony and love and respect. The cruellest price any parent pays is the suffering of their own grandchildren. It is not as simple as good and evil. I am interested in cultural etiology. In the fall of the Roman Empire the population declined by as much as 70 percent. It is NOT meant to be about the survival of the fittest, it is about trading fairly and equitably. Slavery of any kind is abhorrent. You will note the weather is really wierd at the moment and it still feels like earthquake weather to me. The cloud cover is being burned away by the sun in the day and it is November. At night the temperature is dropping really low BUT there is no rain. (London). The north and east of the country are being battered and here it is too dry. Not sure I would want to go anywhere by sea at the moment. Everybody look after the people you love. When it gets to Christmas just remember it is about being with the people you love and not about the technology. Make sure everyone has a hot meal and company and just be thankful and have hope that things are going to pick up again in the spring.

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