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Business Intelligence, Tools and Process Specialist, Witwatersrand University

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Is Africa ready for Cloud Computing? With the levels of employee unionism, what challenges are cloud computing adopters likely to face?

With the destructive nature of cloud computing and other technologies, what challenges will Africa face in trying to adopt these technologies? Is Africa ready for this adoption?

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    Lejan .

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    Oct 23 2012: I hope no country will ever be 'ready' for cloud computing!

    I really like to know my data stored on my very own storage-devices, and since the invention of encryption software and small memory cards, what do I need my data to get public in 'the cloud'?

    If I am missing a good reason here, please fill me in... :o)
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      Oct 23 2012: At least first world countries have the infrastructure, in Africa internet speed are still far from feasible to facilitate moving into the cloud. Your question needs another forum but in short the realizable benefits of moving into the cloud almost outweigh those of keeping your data on memory cards etc.
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        Oct 24 2012: This is what I meant by 'missing a good reason here'.

        I do not a see a single advantage, a single beneficial reason why my personal or any other data should be stored in a 'cloud'. Which benefits do you see in such a system?
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          Oct 25 2012: There is quite a major reliability aspect, consider google email, google documents, dropbox etc. Those are all cloud services, we all tap into them without being aware. These can not be comparable at all to any of your memory cards.
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        Oct 25 2012: '... we all tap into them without being aware.'

        I mostly agree with your quotation above and consider its meaning being exactly the problem.

        All services named are no necessities to be a vital member of the worlds digital network, and all you need to be save can be stored on a single USB Stick in case oneself need to be flexible too.

        There are many portable programs you can directly run via USB Stick from any computer and your data fit there as well, even encypted.

        No industry I know of gives anything for free, so even if their services seem to be free of charge, you, your data and personal preferences then becomes what this industry is after ...

        In my view there is no need to become their victim at all and the only reliability one need is a working internet connection - that's all.