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What happened to the 99%?

From Zuccotti Park N.Y.C.2010 to the rest of the world almost instantaneously, OWS Movement spread like wildfire. Now in late 2012 the marginalization by the 1% and their "Power networks" over the 99% has won!

Will the people who believe in the ideals of the OWS movement always fail against a stronger, better financed and organized minority of the Political and financial "Elites" around the world? If not, why? when? or how?


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  • Oct 25 2012: More and more of the 99% are being arrested for congregating unlawfully,
    because they have lost their homes, been put out of work, have nowhere to go and were deemed
    illegal just because they were gathered, talking and wondering what to do.

    It's illegal to be homeless. Another law and another way to help the private business
    sector of prisons, gain more customers. Profit is important to business and needs lots of customers,
    i.e. foot-traffic. New laws help because they simply make more citizens into criminals.

    Next up: you too, you two, could go to jail if you sit too long at Starbucks!
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      Oct 26 2012: New laws are always designed to snare the weak, but never strong enough to stop or imprison the well off's or 1%er's.
      Alan Stanford, Bernie Madoff, Richard Marin Scrushy are a few that have seen major jail time, but they are the minority for sure!
      In the U.K, from the 1997-2011,the then Labour Government had introduced 4,289 "NEW" Criminal Offences!
      SOURCE: Guiness Book of World Records 2011!(Australian Version)

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