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What happened to the 99%?

From Zuccotti Park N.Y.C.2010 to the rest of the world almost instantaneously, OWS Movement spread like wildfire. Now in late 2012 the marginalization by the 1% and their "Power networks" over the 99% has won!

Will the people who believe in the ideals of the OWS movement always fail against a stronger, better financed and organized minority of the Political and financial "Elites" around the world? If not, why? when? or how?


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    Oct 24 2012: O.K., I was not aware of this philanthropy, but i'm 100% sure it's only for tax minimisation purposes, and NOT out of the generosity and goodness of their heart. It's a "good" thing to show publically for PR purposes this Philanthropy, and they make sure it's known. They don't want to be seen as total miser's with their fortune,bad public relations. J.P.Getty is still to this day noted for his stinginess, and he's been dead eighty years!
    • Oct 25 2012: Man! It's awfully confusing to read your comments. Whom are you addressing in this comment? Do try to use the "reply" feature on TED.
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        Oct 25 2012: it was in reply to me on comment made by someone who replied to my question.
        It was about Ben & Jerry and how they are philanthropic with some of their money and i was replying on how i was unaware of this philanthropy.
        Second time i've used TED.
        To err is human bud, the respondent did get this message, and i got another response, so i believe your needing to read it was superfluous!

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