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What happened to the 99%?

From Zuccotti Park N.Y.C.2010 to the rest of the world almost instantaneously, OWS Movement spread like wildfire. Now in late 2012 the marginalization by the 1% and their "Power networks" over the 99% has won!

Will the people who believe in the ideals of the OWS movement always fail against a stronger, better financed and organized minority of the Political and financial "Elites" around the world? If not, why? when? or how?


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    Oct 25 2012: Thanks Henry for this well constructed and thought out piece, you are so right in this regard.
    Do you think Henry that the Types of Presidents American have elected since Carter, the Conservative, Fundamentalist with regards to their Religion, non-progressive socially as in regards to programs for minorities and the disadvantaged which have been eviscerated from Government over this time period, and could this be the long term impact or effect of Reagan's first dismantling of these social structures in America?

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