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What happened to the 99%?

From Zuccotti Park N.Y.C.2010 to the rest of the world almost instantaneously, OWS Movement spread like wildfire. Now in late 2012 the marginalization by the 1% and their "Power networks" over the 99% has won!

Will the people who believe in the ideals of the OWS movement always fail against a stronger, better financed and organized minority of the Political and financial "Elites" around the world? If not, why? when? or how?


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    Oct 25 2012: That's awsesome Casey for people like ourselves, living where i do in Australia also puts us(Australia) in that global 1% Worldwide, even above America!
    The Non-1% or The Occupy Movement i'm more referring too, the YOUTH, not the old fully complient and indoctrinated sheep, 99% people are ones who've never been able to find appropriate employment, disenfranchised even with stellar grades from top notch Universities!
    So they don't even appear on the statistics you cite.The one's who were on the streets everywhere there was an oppurtunity to do so before getting beaten up and assulted by public servant Police, NOT the pin-headed anarchist hell bent on raising hell at what or whoever's cost!
    Does this provide an adaquate response on which 99% i'm talking about?
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      Oct 25 2012: Oh well I kinda hate to admit this but I am still not sure thats a good example because I am probably close to being in the top 5% of america but that has nothing to do with the degree I got in college. The problem with education on a whole. Is that they should be teaching people how to think, not what to think

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