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What happened to the 99%?

From Zuccotti Park N.Y.C.2010 to the rest of the world almost instantaneously, OWS Movement spread like wildfire. Now in late 2012 the marginalization by the 1% and their "Power networks" over the 99% has won!

Will the people who believe in the ideals of the OWS movement always fail against a stronger, better financed and organized minority of the Political and financial "Elites" around the world? If not, why? when? or how?


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    Oct 24 2012: Numbers which are NOT based on reality can just as easily be described as "Made up" or not real, Science as you say "descibes reality or not"! And Economics as i said before isn't real or based in reality.
    How do you put numbers or Economic theory to a tree or forest, yet they try and horribly fail, deforestation, loss of species, How can a rational, intelligent, socially progressive individual fathom that thought!
    If there's money, then the rational Economist come and do their pseudo-science and plunder everything, leaving nothing.This is not Economics based on either David Riccardo or Adam Smith, this is just economics based and focused on the ruling elites around the globe and what works best for them, not everyone!
    "All animals are created equal, except some animals are more equal than others"! George Orwell, -Animal Farm
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      Oct 24 2012: suggestion: try to use the "reply" function

      i can only repeat myself: choose the school of economics carefully. i'm glad that you know all schools of economics inside out, and you know that none of them are based on reality. i would be glad at least, if i believed you. but i suspect that your knowledge of economics is ... let say limited.

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