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Discuss why ancient architecture is the simular throughout certain parts of the world.

Throughout the world, ancient architecture and its creations have been a subject of debate on how they were designed and who built these massive monoliths? From the pyramids of Egypt and the America's to the Great Wall of China to Stonehenge the question remains, could ancient people actually design and built these massive buildings? Could the ancient people have used more than 10% of their brain or did they (ancient people) receive 'help' from some other 'un-worldly' source? Most of architecture is designed and nearly the same for one reason or another. Could it be the descendants of Atlantis or other genious people that helped the ancients? Lets discuss and decide

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    Oct 23 2012: Not the sphinx and the Valley Temple or the Trifithlon stones at Baalbek and the 400 ton stones at tihuanaco, these are oddities that don't fit anywhere. The stones of baalbek are too big to be maneuvered into place using just man power, they defy anything, so what made them?
  • Oct 23 2012: In the southern Americas, they built walls & buildings out of carved stone that has never seen its equal. We even wonder today, how in heck they did it.
    But over history, you find examples of where 2 or more folks, came up with the same idea at about the same time.
    One person usually had a better way of making same product.
    The people of the Americas didn't have tall reaching spires but they sure had better foundations & temples.
    We know who built the Great Wall of China & Egypt's pyramids and even seen the plans for these. But did they get these ideas from "others"? Doubtful! Trial & error are what perfects invention. That is true, no matter what you are building or designing.
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    Oct 23 2012: A similarity in shape could be explained by what is most efficient or feasible given the building methods and materials at hand. In some cases similarities arise when cultures come in contact and ideas spread, for example, along trade routes.

    A pyramidal or tetrahedral shape is strong and has the advantage that people can climb up the outside to get to a high place.

    These days most buildings are some variation on the rectangular prism because of the practicality of building in that shape.

    So I would have to suggest functional reasons for these similarities in design rather than any sort of supernatural explanations.
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    Oct 23 2012: Seth. of the Seth Material (a channeled entity) says that there have been several advanced cultures before us. One of these cultures had air travel. They destroyed themselves, leaving only a remnant who mated with the emerging species that are now called human.