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Sahara desert as a solar farm.

Instead of looking at the Sahara desert as a vast unusable wasteland, look at it as good as gold!

Think... If 0.3% of this desert were covered in solar panels, we would have enough energy to power Europe!

Now take that scale to 1%. We could power the U.S and Europe without the use of Nuclear, Coal, and other non renewable "harmful" substances.


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    Oct 24 2012: Its a Commonsense Idea. But only part of the overall power generation issue. We do need to distribute energy, but costs of distribution are also mainly dependent on cost of power. We need commonsense, practical solutions. Imagine:

    1) Lots of solar power 'locally'
    2) Geothermal where possible (now many parts of the world using new deep drilling techniques)
    3) Nuclear (Thorium powered) in places where solar and geothermal can't be done effectively
    4) As a stop gap use gas powered stations (phased out say 30 years)
    5) Excess energy means cheaper (clean) transport for distribution
    6) We can expect automation to provide much more cost effective re-building of installations in say 50 years time
    7) CLEAN SUSTAINABLE future energy - forever!

    Ensure that the world builds more facilities than we need (perhaps led by some body like the United Nations coupled to the World Bank?) - the excess is turned into hydrogen (or derivatives such as ammonia) which can easily be used for transport (cars, lorries, ships). Institute a world energy policy that provides for all countries as to their needs at know/fixed cost so everyone can plan ahead on transport policies etc., (as we would have excess this shouldn't be impossible). The total energy costs would (after spending many trillions $ in development and installations) come down to the point where everyone can do much more in all parts of the world sustainably.

    So while we have many people sitting on their bums in many parts of the world not being productive - why don't we put them to work investing in the LONG TERM? Of course this means overturning economic, political, cultural barriers - so instead of doing that, we shall probably spend about 10 times more Trillions $ (over the next say 50 years) in wars, terrorism prevention, bailing out all sort of countries and societies from meltdown, or indeed disappearing down the pan. That's the choice folks.

    See Energy & Transport:
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      Oct 24 2012: Interesting link. It's unusual to find a website that has "common sense" in its title and actually contains common sense aswell.

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