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Sahara desert as a solar farm.

Instead of looking at the Sahara desert as a vast unusable wasteland, look at it as good as gold!

Think... If 0.3% of this desert were covered in solar panels, we would have enough energy to power Europe!

Now take that scale to 1%. We could power the U.S and Europe without the use of Nuclear, Coal, and other non renewable "harmful" substances.


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  • Oct 24 2012: Great idea, but how would you transmit that power? Buy the time the power arrived at a major power grid it would be about enough to light a xmas tree light !
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      Oct 24 2012: look up hvdc. it is a natural extension to existing power grids, and quite a few are already in operation. some lines are proposed from africa to europe. construction cost is huge, and we need a lot of these if we plan to import a significant portion of the EU consumption. but maybe in 50 years we will see something like this.

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