Joshua Quinn

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Is there a particular forum to talk about inventions and improvements to things?

I have some ideas for products and just random things. I am wondering if there is somewhere or someone that I can talk to, in hopes of getting some feedback and resources?

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    Oct 25 2012: How particular? Down to nuts and bolts or more like the 'bigger picture'?
    For the last one you may try here.
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    Oct 23 2012: If not, someone should invent one.
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      Oct 23 2012: Haha. Good one, Edward.
      Do you have any ideas that could be beneficial to man?
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    Oct 22 2012: Why don't you do an internet search for 'inventors forum' or 'invention forum?' That's what I just did and got a lot of listings.

    You need to check out which ones appeal to you.

    Another possibility may be a hackerspace. You probably know that is a place where people build stuff, often of their own design, side by side.

    Perhaps you have heard of Make Magazine? They have a website which likely has forums for such discussion.