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Building an app to deepen relationships we have with people.

Sherry Turkle's talk really moved us, and two friends and I decided to do something about it:

Technology and social innovation has been focused on increasing the quantity of interactions and the quantity of the people you interact with.

We need to spend less time reading and liking statuses online and more time with our people in real life.

Why? Because for relationships to blossom we need to have real life interactions. So we decided to build something to make them better and simpler.

We are starting to build a mobile app whose sole purpose is to have a real life interaction with people you already know and that you want to see!

This is not a spammy thread to promote the app, because the app doesn't exist yet. We just want to meet and share with people that share the vision and wanting to be a part of it! Ping us on http://bit.ly/TEDpeople

Is a mobile app that facilitate face-to-face interactions (so we can increase the quality of relationships we have with people) something you'd love to see?


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    Oct 26 2012: Hi Hugo,
    GREAT idea to spend more time with people in face to face interactions....with a mobile app? I "Pinged" your site, and found that one has to "join" on line to be connected with the site.

    How about getting on the phone, or knocking on a friends door and inviting him/her to have coffee? Lunch? A beer? Going for a walk? Playing a Sport, or just sitting and talking? I don't understand how joining a site on-line facilitates face-to-face interactions! In my perception, you are simply encouraging more of the same behavior that you say you would like to move away from!
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      Oct 30 2012: The mobile App have as only goal to ease the "knocking on a friends 'digital' door and inviting him/her to have coffee! We think that mobile tech potential to help see each other more in real life has not been reached yet, we want to go this way!

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