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What projects can help girls in developing countries?

There is so much of awareness about girl child compared to yesteryear, which is definitely a good sign. However I feel we still far behind in implementing projects which are meaningful to girl child especially in the developing or the underdeveloped world.
So I was wondering what sort of projects can be implemented in developing world especially for girl child? Education is one area where there is lot of focus these days however honestly speaking even the education system is broken? Also there is emphasis on life skills, livelihood trainings, but what would be more meaningful for 10 or 12 years old girl?


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  • Oct 28 2012: I recently had the opportunity of interacting with a group of NSS students of age group 16-18 years at Rajpur, about 50 kn from Dharamshala. We engaged with children, on a dialogue on self realisation (not spiritual) - with focus to expose them to communication and personality development. We also brainstormed on problems of society and how each of us can contribute towards change personally.

    I learnt form this experience that girl children need to be engaged in dialogue on their vision, aim, skills needed for achieving the goals- sot hat they have clarity of purpose- and can focus their energy. Also interventions for personality development of girl children in government schools is the need of the hour.

    More important, is to sesnsitise the teacher and male children also on gender issues, and there is denial of gender issues esp among males. presently teachers are not trained to address these issues. Some social activists can facilitate small changes and create models.

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