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What projects can help girls in developing countries?

There is so much of awareness about girl child compared to yesteryear, which is definitely a good sign. However I feel we still far behind in implementing projects which are meaningful to girl child especially in the developing or the underdeveloped world.
So I was wondering what sort of projects can be implemented in developing world especially for girl child? Education is one area where there is lot of focus these days however honestly speaking even the education system is broken? Also there is emphasis on life skills, livelihood trainings, but what would be more meaningful for 10 or 12 years old girl?


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    Oct 23 2012: Education is the key factor here. We should educate our boys and girls about the ramifications of sexism and stereotypes. A child is a blank slate. We load them up with all this information, and then wonder why these kids are coming out all jacked up.

    () You at birth.

    (x,y,z) You at age 21

    (x2,y2+n,r+x(2x)-(9x)) You at age 41

    We need to dive deep into these variables to understand the problem.
    (f) - Female

    (f+L) Female + Language

    (f+L+y1) Year one

    (f+L+y1-1/2+y2) Year two - Year one is still present. However, degredation of information will occur in children. They will not remember everything. However, they will keep core concepts such as walking, eating, and understanding how to get attention.

    (f+L+y1-3/4+y2-1/2+y3) Year three

    Ok now let's get to the point that a female has issues. (f+L+y1..y2...y3...etc)

    The entire string would be too long..so let's get down to the actual "error" in her code. ....

    year 21 (PT(death in family) - OPS - IPS +/- EF)

    PT - Phsychological Trauma

    OPS - Outside Psychological Support - Family, friends, peers.

    IPS - Inside Psychological Support - Your ability to cope with trauma, stress, or other life experiences.

    EF - Environmental Factors - Where you are....the weather conditions....dangerous environments....safe environments. They all provide different influencial factors.

    OPS and IPS are key ingredients in any program. If you don't have both...you have failure.

    OPS - We need programs that allow these girls to interract with positive people.

    IPS - We need programs that establish a deep reaching psychological treatment process. These females, for lack of a better word, need to be reprogrammed.

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