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Why do we sometimes forget that each day we have left is a gift?

I am 38 and dying. However, I am trying to live every minute to the fullest, but I didn't start this the day I was told my fate. I didn't become recognized as an expert in my field, despite no education and having autism. I have done so with determination not to miss out on all of the opportunities around.

My question is centered around what others feel drives either determination or a lack there of....to improve something, themselves or the world in some way more often.

  • Oct 22 2012: "Why do we sometimes forget that each day we have left is a gift?"

    Because we're either too busy planning for the future ot not very happy with the lives we have.
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    Oct 22 2012: First let me offer my best wishes to you and appreciation that you are using your days to improve things in your own life and in others' lives.

    In answer to your title question, I think people who have a lot of something, including expected days left to live, tend not to value each one as much as someone who has few of that thing.

    In terms of what drives someone to be determined to improve things, I think it can be different for different people. Empathy may be part of it, self-efficacy, personal ambition, gratitude, love of challenge, values impressed on a person in childhood or that come forward in the face of trauma or loss, impatience, a tendency to seek closure...