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Debate: Is corruption a moral or a legal issue?

Too often the corruption debate and discussions all over the world are focused on how somebody broke a law. By that definition Mahatma Gandhi was the most corrupt man since he periodically broke British laws!

By dictionary definition corruption relates to doing things which are not ethical.

Hence how should the corruption be defined and fought for greater good?


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    Nov 21 2012: Corruption is a moral issue and thus in most developed countries is addressed in law (which are all essentially derived from esoteric beliefs). I think in the developed world there are so many laws so that most actions that would be deemed "corrupt" are just simply covered somewhere in the governing text. I mean, for what its worth, social animals like baboons and bonobos have a sense of morality. Aggressive members of a tribe and members that steal from others are shunned etc. and obviously these tribes do not have laws in the sense that I think you are talking about. That brings up what I think is a more potent debate as to whether there is any real difference between morals and laws at all.

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