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Debate: Is corruption a moral or a legal issue?

Too often the corruption debate and discussions all over the world are focused on how somebody broke a law. By that definition Mahatma Gandhi was the most corrupt man since he periodically broke British laws!

By dictionary definition corruption relates to doing things which are not ethical.

Hence how should the corruption be defined and fought for greater good?


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  • Nov 8 2012: The majority of the worlds problems, especially the in United States, can be summed up in one word: greed. I believe greed is the core of corruption and therefore is the moral issue to address. I agree that corruption has components of both morality and legality. Just because something is legal does not make it moral, and just because something is moral does not mean it has been made legal. They blur together making it more a case by case issue of weither something is legal AND moral. Corruption can easily hide behind the guise of being 'legal' while destroying its country and citizens. In short, its both. Greed is the moral part of this dilemma that need to be kept in check by individuals. Laws need to truely reflect the abhorrence of corruption in strictly adhering to checks and balances.

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