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Debate: Is corruption a moral or a legal issue?

Too often the corruption debate and discussions all over the world are focused on how somebody broke a law. By that definition Mahatma Gandhi was the most corrupt man since he periodically broke British laws!

By dictionary definition corruption relates to doing things which are not ethical.

Hence how should the corruption be defined and fought for greater good?


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  • Oct 24 2012: Hi.. my name is Valentina and I live in Indonesia... Regarding the corruption problems in the Indonesian's Government, so there is an institution that called KPK ( Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi or Comission of Corruption Eradication) to solve the problems.
    In my opinion, corruption is one thing that related to a moral, so it depends on the moral of person itself. Even an honest person, if he/she does not have a tough will to refuse this bad habit in the system that corruption manner is already there, for sometime this person will be drowned to the system.

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