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Debate: Is corruption a moral or a legal issue?

Too often the corruption debate and discussions all over the world are focused on how somebody broke a law. By that definition Mahatma Gandhi was the most corrupt man since he periodically broke British laws!

By dictionary definition corruption relates to doing things which are not ethical.

Hence how should the corruption be defined and fought for greater good?


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  • Oct 23 2012: Corruption is a form of fear, nothing more.

    People fear losing wealth, power or social status and the more they have to it the more they are willing to do to keep it.

    There is actually a fairly easy solution to this problem and that is to bring the rest of society up to the same level of wealth and power. Of course this is easier said then done.

    When everyone is equal by definition corruption can't exist as the highest level of status is also the lowest level of status. This also solves the problem of people trying to get higher up over the backs of others as there is no higher up.

    I believe the human race is capable of this but we really need to start working on changing our society in order to make it possible.
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      Oct 24 2012: Fear and greed are related. One feeds on another. A possible mechanism is explored in this essay. http://www.nariphaltan.org/desire.htm

      • Oct 24 2012: Thank you for your reply Anil,

        I read the essay you suggested and it points out the same "findings" I hear when other people try to explain corruption or greed.

        Especially the first part is interesting:

        "Human desire manifests itself in different forms but the driving force is the same. It is power, fame and money and ultimately, all these boil down to the desire for control. Some call it an ego trip. "

        What I believe is that power, fame and money are not the driving force but something deeper down inside of us. No one is born with a drive for power, fame or money this is something we learn along the way from our parents and our society.

        The core driving force for corruption is the same primal force for both the people in power and the ones without it.

        This force is fear.

        The poor and powerless look up towards the rich and powerful and strive to get the same with the fear they will otherwise remain where they are now.

        But the rich and powerful don't have it easy either. The look down towards the poor and powerless and strive to never end up there. Driven by fear of losing what they have they will be open for corruption and because they are more powerful and wealthy their corruption is much more noticeable on a global scale.

        If we truly want to stop corruption we have to close the gap between the poor, powerless and the rich and powerful.

        A good start in my opinion would be to start focusing on providing high quality food, housing and healthcare for everyone for free. We have the technology to make this possible we just have to use it.

        I do admit we still have a long way to go before this is possible though. A great start in my opinion would be to do away with patents as a whole. Technology should be our goal not money, power or fame.

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