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Debate: Is corruption a moral or a legal issue?

Too often the corruption debate and discussions all over the world are focused on how somebody broke a law. By that definition Mahatma Gandhi was the most corrupt man since he periodically broke British laws!

By dictionary definition corruption relates to doing things which are not ethical.

Hence how should the corruption be defined and fought for greater good?


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    Oct 23 2012: Corruption is a problem because it normally deals with deviations from our main objectives. If we deviate from a global objective we cannot expect to experience consequences indicative of a less corrupt state.

    It is important that we focus on the goals and not the present circumstance. Your environment should definitely play a role in goal setting. However, it should only be a guide as to what initial steps are necessary to move forward. Once you begin moving forward the environment you once thought restricted you...no longer exists.

    Therefore, it is imperative that our planet of people focus on a few things.

    1) Green Industry

    Why is Green Industry important?

    Almost all industrial growth comes with a price. Countries attempting to grow must destroy the environment to do so. Innovations in Green Industry will allow countries to provide for their people and facilitate a balanced environment.

    2) Community Building

    This is important for several reasons. However, I always talk about "why its important" and this time I think I will dish out a few solutions.

    A) Community Based Outreach - Centers stationed across the globe that help people build better lives. We can call this the "Butterfly Project" as we can force these caterpillars to realize what they really are.

    These programs can offer resume services, free counseling, classes on communication and social networking, PC classes to teach core fundamentals, programs to identify people with moderate to severe psychological issues.

    We can identify psychological problems early...before they head to the theater to shoot up another group of innocent people.

    Corruption is deep seeded. It isn't just about money and government. Our entire system is corrupt. We know it...we realize we don't live in a perfect state. However, we don't seem to keen on moving rapidly towards that state.

    The globe doesn't get it yet.

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