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How does the Sun work?

1. If the Sun is hot: why don't satellites passing much closer to it burn up?

2. If we climb high up a mountain and get closer to the Sun, why is it colder?

3. If the Sun emanates light, why is it dark in space even "under the Sun? Wouldn't it be logical to think that there is some plasma activity radiating out of the Sun through even dark empty space, causing a chemical or nuclear reaction on Earth which creates heat?


Closing Statement from veronika petrics

I think the Sun is more complex and mysterious still to fully know then getting a clear answe here. Thank you all.

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  • Oct 23 2012: I thought, the spectroscope can not register temperature. because it does not register the rays which carry the heat force..prisoms are clear white, the heat carrying rays are dark.(Tyndall's experiment )The rays and forces coming out of the Sun are those which control the movements of the bodies of the solar system: MAGNETIC forces.
    I suspect the Sun has a cold fusion body....but creates heat hitting the Earth and planets atmospheres..


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