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How does the Sun work?

1. If the Sun is hot: why don't satellites passing much closer to it burn up?

2. If we climb high up a mountain and get closer to the Sun, why is it colder?

3. If the Sun emanates light, why is it dark in space even "under the Sun? Wouldn't it be logical to think that there is some plasma activity radiating out of the Sun through even dark empty space, causing a chemical or nuclear reaction on Earth which creates heat?


Closing Statement from veronika petrics

I think the Sun is more complex and mysterious still to fully know then getting a clear answe here. Thank you all.

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  • Oct 22 2012: twice during the year the Sun is millions of miles nearer to the Earth than other times, at the fall and spring but we do not experience higher temperature.By the way, the deduction that the Sun is an excedingly hot superheated body has been determined by spectroscope..which does not register temperatures..
    • Oct 23 2012: Even those changes in distance are minimal compared to the average distance from the planet to the sun. I do not know where you live, but the temperature you feel is influenced by the angle in which the sun rays hit the planet (among other factors). This is one reason why seasonal changes are more visible farther from the equator. During summer the rays are much more parallel and thus hit more directly (feels warmer).

      A spectroscope detects temperature by the electromagnetic radiation associated to heat, thus it registers heat.

      Make it a point to learn how far is our planet from the sun, rather than just imagine if the distances matter or not and what other factors influence the whole thing. Same goes for learning the actual size of the sun rather than imagine that its light should fill the whole of space. Some web sites can show you relative sizes. It might disappoint you a bit, because when we consider the sizes and the length of the orbits, et cetera, the sun looks very small ...

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