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A new method of waste removal, on a global scale. It shall be known as a Pollution Solution.

My idea, which seems more possible now that space travel has been privatized, is to gather all of our waste no matter what it is and put the waste into space capsules that are launched into the nearest incinerator, i.e, the sun.

I am not exactly sure of any possible negative outcomes that could come from this, mainly from the sun's perspective. I could see on our end though, that people will say this will cost a lot of money, which it most likely will but with less waste on our planet, we could have more land to occupy, which can in turn lead to better technologies as time goes on, which in turn could bring down the costs of launching garbage into the sun, due to advanced launching methods.


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    Oct 21 2012: This global clean up could take a while but it will always be an ongoing process as long as we are manufacturing things on this planet.
    • Oct 25 2012: seven billion people, focused and working together to pick it all up could get it done in several years while we stop littering and polluting.
      Maintaining a clean earth then continues on.
      how we manufacture and why, not having obsolescence built in to products, things made to last, not manufacturing in ways that produce waste, in other words, a world economy that lives up to the word
      "economy" , which means to not waste, to economize everything.
      Money means profit, profit means waste.
      We need to get rid of money in all things.
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        Oct 26 2012: If you're not familiar with the Zeitgeist Movement, you need to get "educated".

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