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A new method of waste removal, on a global scale. It shall be known as a Pollution Solution.

My idea, which seems more possible now that space travel has been privatized, is to gather all of our waste no matter what it is and put the waste into space capsules that are launched into the nearest incinerator, i.e, the sun.

I am not exactly sure of any possible negative outcomes that could come from this, mainly from the sun's perspective. I could see on our end though, that people will say this will cost a lot of money, which it most likely will but with less waste on our planet, we could have more land to occupy, which can in turn lead to better technologies as time goes on, which in turn could bring down the costs of launching garbage into the sun, due to advanced launching methods.


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  • Oct 22 2012: Joshua.
    I'm all for it. I get a real kick out of seeing others write in about the cost and dismiss your idea with the use of "economic denial".
    First, the costs of not doing it is higher and worse, yet they just can't seem to break out of their own home version of "in-the-box-denial".

    What is the cost? Why it is a cost in human life, the quality of life, other species, all ecological environments especially for those who I guess think death won't fall upon them naturally. Well, I guess it won't as we enlarge our methods for "unnatural death.'

    Here, I will say it again until I die:
    "Nothing costs money." Every thing costs people. Money doesn't gather it up and send it into space. Money doesn't go out and remove the garbage from the seas. Money doesn't do anything. Oh, but wait, maybe it does.

    Things don't "GET DONE" because of money.
    Things "DON'T GET DONE" because of money.

    Did money clean up the 2004 Tsunami? No. People did.
    Everything costs people. The money story is a lie.
    But they want like hell to believe it, so they do.
    They worship lies.

    Literally everyone on earth, from every nation, could be put to work collecting and removing garbage from every environment we have, as the world comes together to solve one of our most pressing problems; the population of pollution.
    And everyone has to be fed, transported, clothed and so on and it should all be for free because everyone will be involved so all aspects of production on earth are in the business of doing what? Providing. Providing what they already provide, but with no cost to anyone. We just have to keep it all in action and that is possible but the naysayers only want to dismiss it out of hand because they really cannot envision new and better that doesn't include the old and broken.

    It's a tragedy that so many love their lies. Therein lies the problem.
    but, that's what they'll have to do if the global economy collapses.
    Everything will be there except the money. But they'll close businesses.
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      Oct 22 2012: I totally understand what you're saying about this. I think this will take time. It basically comes down to having this generation of backwards thinking folks to die off while continuing to educate current and future generations down the line about the benefits of such a society. This way, when they start replacing the their elders or older generations, as well as filling in all positions of society in the same ways that religions do. Thus, they would all (hopefully) be in a unanimous agreement on how to construct a social change. Those future generations will hold titles of "authority" and be armed with this ever increasing knowledge and awareness.
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        Oct 23 2012: GOOD NEWS! I am one of the backward thinkers you are awaiting the death of. I am getting more frustrated and exhausted with each passing day. I'm pretty sure my blood-pressure and cholesterol is through the roof, so I probably won't be impeding your establishment of Nirvana on Earth too much longer. You are going to miss us when we're gone. I doubt we will bequeath the $10.2 trillion a-day you need to pay for sending trash to the Sun. Plan B?
        PS: I'm leaving my tin-foil hat to the backward thinkers of Earth.
      • Oct 25 2012: Joshua
        Exactly. These changes aren't for me. They're for people like you, much younger than I and you all have every right to them and to make them, and adjust as you go along, but start now.
        They may be hard on people like me, but that is too bad because we have all been part of producing these problems that are now faced by you, and are much more real, serious and ominous.
        Don't send it away if that is getting rid of resources. Then recycle them in some constructive, non-polluting way. That right there is just a simple example of, "start doing something and adjust as you go along, because you'll have to!"

        Mobilize others, get people interested that can and will work with you. Your idea may change and grow with input from others but that is good. Experts say the seven (7) huge garbage patch islands in the world's oceans, can never be removed and that they will still be there 1,000 years from now. Well, they will be in dead oceans because it has been definitively proven they are destroying all the ecological systems around them and connected to them, and they are growing. And that death and dying will reach shores as certain as Japanese earthquake rubble.
        Why not? Well, one reason is the cost. Right! As though that cost isn't worth saving the oceans for you. Well, they can be and it costs people. The entire world could be working together to remove that stuff, recycle it, destroy it and all the various kinds of activities involved would have billions of people, in virtually every country in the world, working together to clean our planet. All without money but with a very common goal: a clean earth, clean oceans, that are left alone for 10 years to replenish and heal themselves. We cannot do that. Only the oceans can if left alone for a while.

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