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What are homo sapiens good for, how do "they" contribute to a "cycle" on Earth, and what would happen to the world if "they" all left?

***First of all, I want to politely ask readers and responders to distance themselves from thinking as a homo sapien or human and place yourselves as a single separate entity, seriously considering this topic deeply, examining this from a distance***

If bees were to go extinct tomorrow; many plants and trees would not be pollinated or germinate, and many animals would starve. If all the algae of the world vanished off the face of the Earth; a collapse of the ecosystem would likely occur. If homo sapiens all left Earth someday, then what could possibly happen to the planet? Many scenarios could happen, but some have claimed that the Earth would continue unchanged after we leave and it would actually do much better, according to some.

Homo sapiens create great knowledge; they create great technologies; they create great works of art, literature, and architecture; they answer many questions that no other creature could even fathom; they have a complex mind; they are self aware; they have language; they are adaptive; they are the highest point of the food chain on Earth, when they are on land; they can potentially destroy Earth with their own technologies; they have war; they take a lot of Earth's resources; they sometimes waste a lot of resources; they are many more things, but how much do homo sapiens, as an entire species, play into the larger ecosystem on Earth?

Is Niccolo Machiavelli accurate when he describes people as "a sorry lot" or is the human existence a helpful one?

Thanks for reading my thoughts.

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    Oct 22 2012: You are assuming that the ECO system is fragile and it might well be, if meassured in human time. Think planet time.
    Unless the planet is pulverized, the sun changes or the planet loses it position in orbit "Life" in one form or another will continue on this planet. Homo - sapiens will only be missed by the next Intelligent species that replaces them in the future. "Missed" is probably the wrong term. Do we miss the Dinosaurs?
    Your conclusion about the bees is missing one important factor. TIME. Most would agree with most of your statement but give enough time thousands or millions of years the Eco system would right itself. It is widely believed that if the bees vanished it would be and end. I feel another insect or evolution would replace them and replace them quickly. The laws of supply and demand do apply to nature. Take O2 and CO2 if there is an abundance of CO2 and a drop in O2 the lifeforms that rely on the CO2 would flourish and the O2 lifeforms would diminish and then the pendulum would begin to swing the other way and then back again until the system rights itself or another disaster occurs.

    I don't claim to be an expert these are just some of my thoughts

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