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Should Americans eliminate the Electoral College and elect their presidents through simple majority vote?

Given that some presidents have won without persuading the majority of Americans, and the huge deal of money spent only on swing states I ask myself that question

I have always thought that it is unfair that republicans in California or Democrats in Texas are not taken into account just because people around them think differently.

Time for change?


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    Nov 12 2012: I think maybe the last few elections show that the whole purpose of the EC is defeated by the winner takes all policy of the majority of states. It just means that instead of the few large states dominating the campaigns the few swinging staes of various size dominate the campaigning. If all states used proportional representation then campaigning in any state would be just as likely to get you another EC vote so the potential POTUS would have to cover a lot more ground.
    • Nov 12 2012: Yes, and even if they only went to the major cities they would already reach more people than they currently do in such metropolises as Des Moines and Cleveland.

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