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Should Americans eliminate the Electoral College and elect their presidents through simple majority vote?

Given that some presidents have won without persuading the majority of Americans, and the huge deal of money spent only on swing states I ask myself that question

I have always thought that it is unfair that republicans in California or Democrats in Texas are not taken into account just because people around them think differently.

Time for change?


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    Oct 26 2012: Presidents should be elected through simple majority voting without any influence from an outdated electoral college system. Let's keep moving forward and diffuse aged systems that are no longer effective in today's society.
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      Oct 29 2012: What are the reasons this "aged system" was put in place?
      Do you know?
      • Oct 30 2012: The system was put in place over 200 years ago when communications took weeks in some cases. so they made the number of votes each state get proportionate to avoid majority rule and sent the electors to DC to choose the president on their states behalf.
        • Nov 3 2012: Well, the was one reason, but the main reason is representation. I live in a smaller community in California that is majority Republican Conservative (way up north), so I understand exactly why we have the electoral college. Its for the small states such as Wyoming or Nebraska who have less people than California. Growing up in certain areas makes huge influences on your beliefs, and thus who you vote for. Being in San Francisco is substantially different than Redding Ca. If it were majority vote, the voices of smaller communities (the important ones who grow food for America) will not be heard while large cities with similar beliefs from similar cultures choose for the rest of us.
    • Oct 30 2012: I'm sorry but majority rule is just as bad as minority rule.

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