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Should Americans eliminate the Electoral College and elect their presidents through simple majority vote?

Given that some presidents have won without persuading the majority of Americans, and the huge deal of money spent only on swing states I ask myself that question

I have always thought that it is unfair that republicans in California or Democrats in Texas are not taken into account just because people around them think differently.

Time for change?


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  • Oct 23 2012: The very core of the voting system is flawed in the US and for that matter in the rest of the world.

    Two of the largest issues I see are:

    1) People are voting for a single person or party to translate their opinions (often very poorly over a very wide selection of subjects. I don't know of a single person that agree's with every single statement their preferred party has made.

    2) No one is educated in every aspect politics make decisions over yet we expect them to vote for it. People should vote for the subjects in their field of expertise or are directly to their person.

    I'm confident that the people of a country are more then capable of ruling themselves without the need of politicians we just need to make this technically possible.

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