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Can we rebuild our communities?

Have we lost sight of community building and restructuring?

In the past 100 years humans have socially evolved quite a bit. Our society is a complex network of individuals moving towards individual and national goals.

However, are individual goals less important than a nationial, or global, agenda?

Should we focus our tax money on programs that help rebuild communities....not just throw small amounts of money (welfare) at them?

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  • Oct 24 2012: I actually like this a lot. My simple answer is yes we can rebuild our communities. We have the resources, the infrastructure and the efforts to do so...the only problem is maintenance. How can we keep these communities from falling apart again? How often do you clean your room to see it messy at the end of the week? How often are roads resurfaced to break apart again? Very often. It's not whether we can rebuild or not, because we can, it's more so how can we maintain what we rebuild?
    We also have to look back at the locations we want to rebuild. Where are rebuilding and is the community able to utilize the projects? The more we rebuild the higher the cost the community becomes and that will raise taxes...is that community able to afford the luxury of a new infrastructure?
    I really like your question and i do believe we are able to rebuild, but how willing is that community to reach out, get help, and keep the order?

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