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lets go back home

me and my sister Salma have been living all our lives in Oman away from our homeland Sudan. but grew up with the dream of going back one day and living there happily. unfortunately our dreams were fading a day after another watching the longest civil war in Africa happening in our homeland. it destroyed everything, education, economy, health and unity of the country leading to partition of the southern part of Sudan. The policies of the government worked during 21 years of ruling in destroying the human being destroying his dignity and self respect killing all the beautiful dreams of the youth and building the psychological fear barrier which prevents everyone from speaking out against injustice. our family started to think that we will never be able to go back to Sudan and live happily there ever.
Here was the point where me and my sister salma started to think about a solution. we thought about Millions of qualified, wealthy, well educated Sudanese people who are living outside Sudan and the country is suffering from poverty, illiteracy, and lack of qualifications. Sudanese doctors are among the best doctors in the world and people in Sudan are still dying with malaria, Sudanese teachers are teaching in the best universities of the world and above 50% of the population of Sudan are illiterate Millions of Sudanese people are building the world outside and our country is being destroyed.
What if All those people go back in groups for at least certain period of time every season or in shifts and try to give something to the country? Free training courses for teachers, classes for illiterate, health care campaign, free language courses and many other things. the country will gain back some of what it lost. children will get education for free. poor people will get medicine and food... and we will finally be able to go back home, live happily and make others happy too.
With this idea we created a group in face book and named it "lets go back home" and started

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    Mar 24 2011: Dear Sawsan,
    Thank you for appearing on TED and sharing your story. You ask "how can I get TED to support and spread such an idea?" You have already begun to do it Sawsan:>) There is a great deal of power in communications between fellow humans around the world:>)

    Several years ago, many of the "Lost boys of Sudan" immigrated to my homeland. These were children whose relatives were killed, and hundreds of children banded together, wandering in the desert, living off the land for many years. Apparently, some person or agency became aware of them and started bringing them to the US, where they were placed in different communities. Several of my friends worked with the boys when they first came, helping them adjust to a very different life style. They were totally unfamilier with common things that we take for granted all the time, like a bed, chair, appliances, clothing, regular supply of food and on and on. They are very intelligent, kind, motivated young men, some of whom are now in college, and talkiing about going back to their homeland to help those in need who are still there.

    Perhaps your wish Sawsan, is already becoming reality and it's a matter of connecting all the people who have the same dream:>)
    My love and energy are with you in your quest:>)
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      Mar 24 2011: thank you very much ms. Steen for sharing the story of the Lost boys of sudan which gave me a hope that we are not alone. We would really like this idea to spread not only in our country but every where in the world. There are so many people like us like me and my sisters who have been living away from there home land due to almost same reasons and want to help there ppl but they cant. if we help them to help there people in such simple ways, the world will connect together as people from different places in the world will take different cultures back to there homeland, those who need help will get it from there own people instead of getting it from foreign organizations who might not be aware of the real needs and defects and who might not understand the cultures of those places. and in the same time the dream of so many people of going back to there homeland and living happily there will come true
  • Apr 17 2011: I m really proud of u my friend.
    its the only way to serve the home land.May ALMIGHTY ALLAH guide u for the whole way long......
    I'll b there 4 ever if u'll need me.
  • Mar 23 2011: I think this is great idea. It is unfortunate for those that were left behind that "brain drain" occurs around them, leaving the country and economy with a smaller group of qualified people in various professions.

    Perhaps the recent split of Sudan into South and North will help stabilize the region and will allow you and others to return back home?
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    Mar 25 2011:

    this is the link for the group. The name of the group is in Arabic as well as most of the posts and comments. i tried many times to edit the name so it can be in English and Arabic too but couldn't
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    Mar 24 2011: thanx everybody for your support im studying in Pakistan but my family is still in Oman
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    Mar 24 2011: All the best wishes for your dream to be fulfilled. A bit confused you said you are from Sudan all your
    life living in Oman but down your photo here it says you are in Lahore, Pakistan ?
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    Mar 24 2011: How can i get TED to support and spread such an idea???