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Perception is an important aspect of human behaviour.

I have seen people facing many problems; sometimes they are able to solve them and sometimes not. Every person tends to view things in different ways and with their own perspective.

Perception is one of the most important aspects of human behaviour. Depending on how we perceive things, we may see the glass either as half-empty or as half-full. The more positively we perceive situations and circumstances the more efficiently we are able to avert a crisis. People who tend to see the world in an optimistic manner generally make better leaders and are able to communicate messages to their co-workers and subordinates in a more positive and more effective way.


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  • Oct 20 2012: I agree. But then, when we try to develop/change perceptions we are also trying to change one BIG chunk of his/her life. Every perception should be respected and heard out. You never know that might be the angle you've been looking out for! :)

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