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Why are we ashamed?

We have reached mars, we have placed flags on the moon and we are doing some amazing research on all of the topics that the human brain can think of... but the problem is: why are we still unhappy?

Why have we failed to solve even the smallest of our issues? Why can't most of us can't say this with pride that we are extremely happy and grateful to be a part of this generation?

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    Oct 21 2012: I think:

    We are still unhappy because:

    (1) Most of the happiness, about 90%, we pursue today is false or INVALID happiness.
    (2) INVALID happiness is the happiness out of its validity scope.
    (3) Validity of happiness is determined by the conditions in which the instinct of happiness is formed about 10,000 years ago.
    (4) Valid happiness does us good, but invalid happiness bad almost in all cases.

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      Oct 21 2012: Hi Ying really intersting but how you define valid and invalid happiness??

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