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Why do so few people want to live significantly longer and healthier than a so-called natural life span?

As I have discussed the concept of immortality with people over the years, something has consistently surprised me. I ask people, "If you could live a much longer but still vital and healthy life, would you want to live, say, 200 years? 500 years?

Most people do not want to live that long - even if they could remain healthy and vital all that time. It seems what most people are saying, is that they actually *want* to grow old and die.

Yet we all supposedly want to be healthy and strong, and of course we would naturally want to heal ourselves if we got sick or injured - we seek health. Then why this death wish among most people I poll?

I'm obviously in the "Hell yeah, give me healthy immortality" camp, so I'm looking for help from other people in explaining the other side of this please.

Is that a coping mechanism to help accept our own mortality? Would you really turn down an opportunity to live much longer, along with your friends, and healthy?

Or is my own personal polling off? I guess we'll see!


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    Oct 23 2012: If you are on the Hell yeah side, it will be difficult to imagine the other side. My question to you is; have you asked, 'why not?' have you searched for an in depth answer from the people that have answered that they just want to grow old and die?? They have the answer!! here is mine; Not everybody is able to live outside of their realm, it is a matter of Biology, the wiring (if I may),. Boredom can and will lead to depression. Some cannot imagine a lifetime of this enclosed reality. The subconscious desire to live past a present and natural age span is very likely accompanied by the desire to experience all parts of existence (life). Some people's worlds are much smaller than others, this is not necessarily a good-bad thing, it simply is; and it is part of a much bigger picture. In order to have the desire for a longer journey, one must be able to imagine this journey. till then, this natural life span is sufficient. Just for the record. I'm also on the 'hell yeah side' ;)
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      Oct 23 2012: That's a pretty harsh reality you paint there, and I have to say it's hard for me to argue against. If you're someone who wants to die by natural death at our current life span, I wonder what you think when you read something like Vincenzo's comment?

      My understanding of this argument, is that if you choose death by current natural life span then it's because your biology has limited your ability to experience this universe, so you're naturally inclined to exit this reality sooner than someone else who has a greater capacity to explore more of this universe.
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        Oct 24 2012: Danger. Just imagine doing the same thing over and over again and again. How long will it take till you say "ok, that's enough" ?! I suggest that this depends on your horizons. The bigger your world, the longer your journey. Science is helping humanity with this process, and as you may have already noticed, our life span is getting longer and longer. It has opened our eyes to an incredible vast Universe. You don't have look too far, your own back yard is a good starting point. This sort of enlightenment excites our senses and makes us wish for the longer life span..... as I said before, it all depends on the length of the journey that you are able to imagine. This will help dictate what is a natural life span.
        Once again. Cheers

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