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A thought for TED on a community level, rather than mass outreach

TED topics are discussed on the mass level with the assumption that somehow innovation gets seeded with mass outeach. This assumption while sometimes true is not true in the American experience. The American experience is that community of vitality is critical to seed and germinate innovation, not mass thinking alone.

Take the case of Ben Franklin's Junto Club that existed at the dawn of innovation 1776. There were only 12 or so members of the Junto Club. And yet out of that experience and philosophy of "self help and mutual help", some of the greatest innovaions were germinated by the Junto Club Members, including the U.S. Post Office, first Public Library, and Volunteer Fire Fighers. Community commitement was a key emotion behind Junto Club along with the philosphy of self help and mutual help.

TED's current process of mass outreach ignores this legacy of the American experience at the very beginning of that nation that still keep on giving every day to posterity.


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Closing Statement from Avi Dey

Twin Project Fairfax C2C Community Alliance that has evolved over the last two years from the philosophy of strengthening a "Community of VItality__Fairfax VA Hometown USA".

Conversation among a small group, similar to Ben Franklin's Junto Club was helpful. Recently Identifying U.S. Government's Dept of Education was most helpful as the philosophy and protocol developed for Twin Project Fairfax C2C is a "good fit for Ed.Gov's initiative called "Inter_Faith Campus Initiative" to which 350+ colleges and universities across the nation has agreed to participate. The mission of the two key goals that is to enable the Ed.Gov's initative are two as follows:

(01) Participating and qualified college or university must submit proposals that strengthens education on a community level
(02) Same proposal must include an element of "community revitalitzation".

Conversation: it is up to the college or university to execute these two key goals as they so choose to do so within the perspective of "Inter-Faith Campus Initiative".

One barrier now is that , this ed.go iniative has no fedral funding behind it as such. But funding already approved by other federal agencies would qualify as "seed funding" if approrpriate. Private Public Partners (PPP) on a community level is required.

Even More Conversation:
Twin Project Fairfax C2C Community Alliance was designed with these two key goals in mind but separately. But when exposed to Ed.Gov's initiatve via fedarl governent's internet conference, realization was made that the "Twin Project Fairfax C2C" meets the key reuqirements of the Ed.Gov's initiave and can be used as a prototype by any qualified college or university who choose to do so.

Search On The Internet following topic :
Twin Project Fairfax : C2C Community Alliance Virginia

Twin Project Conversations C2C Fairfax Va Demo
01. Inter-Faith Campus Initiative by Ed.Gov (Philosophy & RFP Synergy).
02. TWIN Project ..

Avi Dey

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  • Oct 20 2012: Yes, I am aware of the current format of the TED events that is at the local level. This existing model does not fit this topic.

    I am discussing a different type of TED event for future. One that now does not exist as a "better fit" to this topic of Community of Vitality__Culture of Creativity.
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      Oct 20 2012: Could you describe what it is that you envision, please, so members of this community can respond to what you suggest?

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