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What makes someone "interesting" and how does this affect their level of attractiveness?

I'm struggling with this concept of interesting. Is being "interesting" purely down to defined traits and characteristics of a human being such as personality, interests and hobbies or something else entirely more magical and intangible?

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    Oct 19 2012: This is an issue of perception. What is found to be interesting is as diverse as the world is.
    • Oct 20 2012: Yes, there is no single answer to the question.
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    Oct 19 2012: I agree that "interesting' is in the eye of the beholder. One feature that might make a person interesting is having different ideas or kinds of experiences than people in a setting typically have. But being different is not by itself interesting. People can have different but boring ideas or habits. Rather, people will want to engage with someone whose ideas are eye-opening in some way and in which the prospect of further exploration of his or her way of thinking or living promises learning or life-enhancing realizations or experiences for the beholder.

    I agree with George that there are learned strategies people use to appear more interesting than they really are. There is, in my experience, a huge marketing/advertising/manipulation component to some of these strategies.
  • Oct 19 2012: I think what makes someone interesting is someone who is interesting.
    They don't follow, believe, spout or praise the party line. They believe differently, think, behave and live differently than the masses of asses they have to put up with.
    It only adds to their aura of interesting when they are also someone who doesn't care what others think of them because that isn't how one can best live a life. They go their own way.

    Which means they may not have many friends. they may actually be at risk or harm from those who hate anyone who is different, meaning terrified of themselves, and they might have to suffer a lot of loneliness.
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    Oct 25 2012: what makes someone interesting, is what you find and perceive interesting to be in your perspective, and to how much you actually take time to know or understand that person or persons will ultimately determine your means and placement of level of attractiveness you find towards that person in your mind and how you feel as you observe there characteristics.

    we all experience things differently.and thats the beauty of it...
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    Oct 22 2012: Hi Daigo,
    I saw this when I was a teenager (many, many moons ago), and it still holds true for me:


    People who are genuinely interested in the exploration of the life experience are very interesting and attractive to me. In my perception, exploring the life experience with respect, acceptance, compassion, empathy, joy, humor and unconditional love is one of the MOST interesting things in the world, and therefor very attractive:>)

    Try not to "struggle" with it my friend...be open to the possibilities and you may discover it to be really very enjoyable...maybe even interesting, attractive and magical! :>)
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    Oct 22 2012: One is never universally interesting. whether one is interesting to someone would depend primarily on that someone's attitudes, likings, traits etc. So one can be the interesting to many and still be not so to many others.
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    Oct 20 2012: I think:
    Any person will be interested in a thing that makes the person feel “things being a-step-better for keeping one’s own DNA alive”.

    Otherwise, there will be no human in the world.
  • Oct 20 2012: I do not know if others find this to be true for them, but for me, I find someone interesting if they repeatedly surprise me with their ideas and behavior.
  • Oct 19 2012: This is not universal. If we look at Myers-Briggs or Strength-finder or whatever, we see so many ways that human personalities vary. I would expect what is interesting to vary from person-to-person. To truly ansser this question I would also consider the nature of the person that I want to interest. So - Be interesting to me Be interesting to a specific person be interesting to a specific type. The first is given unless I am concerned about results with others. The next two reqauire specific technologies. One of the best know is neurolinguistic programming. Go to it, but remember that some of the world's most remarkable people and subjects may not be interesting to you.
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      Oct 19 2012: Thanks George, that's an insightful perspective, and shows that one person's definition of interesting is entirely subjective and unique, so who I find interesting could be a total bore in the eyes of the next person.

      I like how you've flipped it too and alluded to the possibility that when we think someone is interesting they might not actually be as interesting as we think they are, rather they're using some cunning NLP strategies to deem themselves interesting in our eyes for purely romantic purposes!