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What makes someone "interesting" and how does this affect their level of attractiveness?

I'm struggling with this concept of interesting. Is being "interesting" purely down to defined traits and characteristics of a human being such as personality, interests and hobbies or something else entirely more magical and intangible?


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  • Oct 19 2012: This is not universal. If we look at Myers-Briggs or Strength-finder or whatever, we see so many ways that human personalities vary. I would expect what is interesting to vary from person-to-person. To truly ansser this question I would also consider the nature of the person that I want to interest. So - Be interesting to me Be interesting to a specific person be interesting to a specific type. The first is given unless I am concerned about results with others. The next two reqauire specific technologies. One of the best know is neurolinguistic programming. Go to it, but remember that some of the world's most remarkable people and subjects may not be interesting to you.
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      Oct 19 2012: Thanks George, that's an insightful perspective, and shows that one person's definition of interesting is entirely subjective and unique, so who I find interesting could be a total bore in the eyes of the next person.

      I like how you've flipped it too and alluded to the possibility that when we think someone is interesting they might not actually be as interesting as we think they are, rather they're using some cunning NLP strategies to deem themselves interesting in our eyes for purely romantic purposes!

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