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Where do we stand on on WikiLeaks?

To what extent should we support or oppose WikiLeaks?
Are there limits to what should be exposed to the public by investigators? And who should decide these limits?
When corruption is exposed through leaks how far up or down the ladder should we assign responsibility?
How should bias in reporting leaks be balanced?
If these leaks are produced for corrupt purposes how do we deal with it?
How can we present and prosecute exposed corruption in the public theater without it turning into a witch-hunt?


Closing Statement from Daniel Sheehan

A great deal of this conversation has been on whether our governments have a right to keep secrets from us. Many have pointed out corruptions that the secrets have protected, others site our loss of privacy at the hands of our governments.
Also many insist that transparency is protection from the abuses of authority by the people that we place our most sensitive information with, but few agree that "total transparency" can be achieved or as an over all goal is appropriate.
But it is clear that we believe that whistle blowers should be protected from retaliation.

I believe that we have an increasing problem with the "Free Press" which has become more of a commercialized or biased press that is more concerned with profits or has fallen to the hands of specialized interests, and is enthralled by the depthless mirrored image of spectacle. What had once been an instrument of information now serves mainly to incite and titillate the masses.

It's my opinion that WikiLeaks, and sites like it that supply an outlet for whistle blowers, should have our support as members of the Fourth Estate.

A grateful thank you to everyone that has participated in this discussion.

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  • Oct 30 2012: Personally I am not against wikileaks though limiting the content that is displayed there wouldn´t be a bad idea since as previous answers have mentioned exposing personal and sensitive could result in harming people, countries , ideas etc...
    On the other hand wikileaks is a great tool to expose certain activities and truths about events that shouldn´t happen he way they do, for instance the apache killings of the movie collateral murderer.
    To sum up wikileaks is a very good platform to expose illegal and unhuman activities , and it can also help companies build up expectation for upcoming products and see the results of what their plans have on the public before even trying them. The problem is people making public everything they see fit, with ought considering the concecuences that this may have. How can you control the content? I have no Idea.

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