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Can the brain be trained to make better use of VS Ramachandran's "mirror neurons"?

With the intensive connections between both central and peripheral nervous systems inputs and outputs, can this mirroring be trained to bring human beings closer together?

According to the speaker it can be modulated peripherally as well as centrally, and I am sure in an ideal world you would imagine it is very likely. This is more obvious in people in certain professions (actors, mims..) or individuals of a specific nature (parents, lovers) than others.

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    Oct 19 2012: The only truth is perceptive
    • Oct 19 2012: You say the only truth is perceptive. But how do you think that perceptive is going to influence others or say it is going affect neurons? Can you explain it in more details?
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        Oct 19 2012: Isn't that what his mirror neurons are talking about? Gaining perspective?

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