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Can the brain be trained to make better use of VS Ramachandran's "mirror neurons"?

With the intensive connections between both central and peripheral nervous systems inputs and outputs, can this mirroring be trained to bring human beings closer together?

According to the speaker it can be modulated peripherally as well as centrally, and I am sure in an ideal world you would imagine it is very likely. This is more obvious in people in certain professions (actors, mims..) or individuals of a specific nature (parents, lovers) than others.

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    Oct 19 2012: The only truth is perceptive
    • Oct 19 2012: You say the only truth is perceptive. But how do you think that perceptive is going to influence others or say it is going affect neurons? Can you explain it in more details?
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        Oct 19 2012: Isn't that what his mirror neurons are talking about? Gaining perspective?
  • Oct 19 2012: Hi there!
    I certainly believe that these mirror neurons can bring human beings togeather. But there are strategies are needed.
    In order to do that, one of the key factors to rule people's consciosness is to show them images and this is held by TV. Day after day millions and millions of people sit in front of the box with showing images with sounds. Of course, you might think differently, but I certainly believe that governments have learned it further than current public science has. So, in order to bring people together we need to switch for community collaboration rather than to sit at home and spend time in front of the box. Another thing is to,organize more events with people but not for competition and fame. In the most developed countries almost every collaboration is held because of some type of action to show that somebody is better than the other. I think mirror neurons are fascinating findings of our science, so to use them we need to use some African methods of collaboration.
    First we people need to sit around and share their experiences.
    Secondly, they need to do community cleaning or helping for old.
    Thirdly, people should share their wisdom of life.
    If that is done by people, I do not think next time we will be looking for ways to unite people.
    Andrey Kurchatoff.