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Debate: Should students rely on technology for their homework?

Today, students use ipods, ipads, phones, laptops, and different tablets to use the internet to help them with their homework. Don't know a word? Google it. Don't know the answer to this math problem? Use a calculator. And so on. Does this make sense?


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  • Nov 2 2012: I do make use of technology to understand the concepts better. Some sites like Khan- Academy,Udacity, Coursera, Ted-ed etc are. really very engaging and help understand the fundamentals better. Once I have understood the concept, I like to approach the homework problems on my own. Of-course I am aware that over-dependence on these resources can kill my ability to think on my own so I make cautious use of these resources and advise other students here to do the same. I do use the net to research the topics to be covered in my assignments but I also make it a point to cite the resources and put in my own ideas and perspectives as well.

    Most students, including myself, are visual learners. I don't get the concepts until I am shown a few graphs, animations etc. At school, there is limited time and a lot to cover. So most teachers skip these parts thinking that they are not important from the examination point of view.So i turn to the net to understand the concept.

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