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Debate: Should students rely on technology for their homework?

Today, students use ipods, ipads, phones, laptops, and different tablets to use the internet to help them with their homework. Don't know a word? Google it. Don't know the answer to this math problem? Use a calculator. And so on. Does this make sense?


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  • Nov 1 2012: I think technology is to make the things easy & fast. I see technology with the education system as a facilitator to ease the learning experience, bring more things to end user, make things more interactive, make communication faster etc.

    I differ with this idea of students rely on technology for home work. Home work is intended to make the kid work hard, which in turn, not only sharpen their skill set such as, analytical, reasoning or, verbal but also, help develop the overall personality. A help in completion of assignments won’t make the kid give his best to the problem. It’s like snatching the opportunity to explore himself/herself. One should face the problem head on, use his own caliber to come out of it – and homework gives that opportunity to become such a man in future. Remember, a hardship makes people stronger.

    In summary, we need to build our kids stronger to face the varied challenges where technology should help in becoming a stronger person.

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