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Debate: Should students rely on technology for their homework?

Today, students use ipods, ipads, phones, laptops, and different tablets to use the internet to help them with their homework. Don't know a word? Google it. Don't know the answer to this math problem? Use a calculator. And so on. Does this make sense?


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  • Oct 25 2012: My personal experience is that technology is a great tool to help learning. I learned more on the internet and in books then I ever did in school. Of course, there is some people who uses technology as a distraction rather than a tool, but I defy anyone to find anything that was NEVER misused.
    Stating that students should only use paper and pen and read books would be similar to saying we should have kept writing with quills and ink, only because we lost the beautiful penmanship required to write with ink. The technology is there, and as much as some may dislike it's influence and presence in our lives, it is there to stay. We have the tool, it's simply a matter of finding how to use them wisely.

    I don't think a conclusion will be reached on this topic as it is probably more a rhetorical question: I hardly see how one would stop students from using technologies they have with them at every waking minutes of their lives.

    Also, your question bring another one to mind: Should teachers rely on technology for their classes?
    (p.s; don't point out my grammatical errors as proofs of technology's bad influence, English is my second language)
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      Oct 26 2012: Re: " I learned more on the internet and in books then I ever did in school."

      People always learn more when they learn what they want. My son loves to read, but it is a struggle for him to read a book required for a class.
      • Oct 27 2012: I felt the same way at my school, but the best is to just power through the school books so you can get back to those you really enjoy. Just make sure you can still remember it when the exam comes around.

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