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Debate: Should students rely on technology for their homework?

Today, students use ipods, ipads, phones, laptops, and different tablets to use the internet to help them with their homework. Don't know a word? Google it. Don't know the answer to this math problem? Use a calculator. And so on. Does this make sense?


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  • Oct 24 2012: I think the problem, as in any generation with advancing technology, is not whether or not we should be using the technology but whether we understand the technology and are using it with care. In one sense technology can lead us to simplify and organize the base level trudge through simple arithmetic and computation and research to achieve more complex solutions to problems, however without being careful technology can also lead us to dependence on quick answers and instant gratification which, in a situation where technology is not readily accessible, may lead one to feel lost or anxious (or lead one to assume disorders like ADD). I think we can not depend on technology solely as a means to make all decisions nor should we completely reject technology and view it as some evil. We must learn to look critically at our use of technology while also appreciating a beauty and possibilities which it provides.

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