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Debate: Should students rely on technology for their homework?

Today, students use ipods, ipads, phones, laptops, and different tablets to use the internet to help them with their homework. Don't know a word? Google it. Don't know the answer to this math problem? Use a calculator. And so on. Does this make sense?


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    Oct 24 2012: Students should rely on technology to enhance their ability to understand the information. Technology can definitely provide more effective tools than traditional teaching methods.

    I don't see any benefit in knowing how to calculate a math formula when a calculator can do it quicker and with much more accuracy. If we are talking about the value of understanding these things...I think its subjective. If we have a career that calls for such knowledge then obviously I support researching it.

    However, I don't think we need to get wrapped up in the methods we use. We just need to ensure the end result is a quality product.

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