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What does it take to become a writer?

Many times I want to write, but always end up a mess. What do you need to be a writer? Persistence, unique views?

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now i have got it ,to become a writer ,we need a certian words every day .and we do as much as reading as we can
i think that is the two most important things

  • Oct 18 2012: Write.
    Don't give up or stop because it is no good.
    Keep going because it is no good.
    Write because you have to write. You must write. It's like air and you cannot hold it inside yourself.
    You have to let it out.

    I write and write and write.
    In a more disciplined manner, I write screenplays, books, comedy, educational ideas, theories and philosophical and psychological theories and musical lyrics.

    No, I haven't sold anything yet and I am closer to selling one of my screenplays, but not there yet.
    The first draft of anything is always the hardest for me. I grew up reading and hearing that rewriting was the worst and that most writers hated rewriting.

    I love it. It is where the story, the idea or whatever, comes together. It is where the problems in my writing are solved.
    It is where characters speak to me, directing me, if I am but willing to listen to them instead of my ego. After all, they know themselves better than I do. I get to know them though, very well in fact.

    And read, letting yourself be inspired by others. We are influenced by so many other people, places, things and experiences but we are unique in our own voice.

    Trust yours. Do it because you need to do it.
    If you become a mess, write the mess. There may be a MESSage in there for you, just waiting to gain your attention.
    Like I said: You don't stop because you're a mess. You go on because you're a mess, until you and your writing are all cleaned up. Then you will know when to stop.

    Good luck
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    Oct 18 2012: A writer writes. Whether he or she will be published or not is not the most important thing. A writer has something to say and writes it down. I wouldn't say that unique views are needed (even though they'd be nice); honest is key.
    To be a writer you have to read a lot; you've got to love books. You may not start out as an impressive writer, but if you continue to write it becomes better.
    And not forgetting something that writers and actors have in common: They observe the world around them with curiosity.
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    Oct 19 2012: I guess a good environment helps too. Being exposed to a group of people who are just as passionate about writing is healthy too. Or being exposed to people who like to read and critique is also healthy.

    I'd like to read some stuff if I ever get the time to.

    Oh yeah, maybe you should also talk to Feyisayo Anjorin and David Hamilton on here about writing. I heard David was writing a book and Feyisayo is just a literary beast.
  • Oct 19 2012: Always keep a notepad and pen ready. Whenever you come across an idea, make a short note of it using key words that come to your mind. Then whenever you have time/inclination/inspiration and sitting alone, meditate on the idea, and develop the key words into meaningful phrases and finally sentences. Then connect various ideas together.
    If you want to be a fiction writer, make notes on short episodes, observations and imaginative bits and then build a larger picture.
    Another technique is to start with a key concept and meditate on what it really means in relation to its family of related concepts.
    Plato's entire work is based upon Socrates asking key questions like :what is Justice?

    Finally you have to build up inspiration by trying and experimenting.

    "The most ordinary word, when put into place, suddenly acquires brilliance. That is the brilliance with which your images must shine".....Robert Bresson
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    Oct 18 2012: My favorite blog in this area, to which I am in no way personally connected, is Steven Pressfield's. He is the author of historical novels but also War of Art, Do the Work, and Turning Pro.
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    Oct 18 2012: I would guess the main thing is that you write? a lot, hundreds of words a day.

    From what I hear writing is hard work.
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      Oct 19 2012: thank you for your links,

      while you know ideas always comes unexceptly .should we write improvisatorily ,or just make a schedule and write . foe me if i make a schedule ,sometimes i aways have nothing to write .
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        Oct 19 2012: I don't know. What do you think you should do?
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        Oct 19 2012: I think most writers and those who advise writers would suggest a schedule so that writing becomes a habit.
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          Oct 19 2012: you are right .we need it and ,make it a schedule .improvisatorily may be not rationality
 may be just our emotion released ,
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    Oct 18 2012: Practice and a perspective that allows you to learn from your mistakes. Then more practice, practice, practice along with reading, reading, reading.