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Debate: News has no conection with most people's lives.

Some people believe thait it is a waste of time to read newspapers or watch news programs on TV.

What's your opinion? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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    Oct 18 2012: Man, I completely agree.
    Though it's necessary, I disagree with how negativity predominantly lingers in the content.
    Yes there is alot of 'bullshit' going on in this world, but half the stuff the news talks about is - as you said - unrelated to most people.

    The internet will, in some form revolutionize this I believe, people will follow their our curiosity, but this can't always be the best solution as i've seen a TED talk on here (forgot the name) about how internet search engines are manipulating the information we've been given without us knowing, giving us what they think we want.
    Maybe this ubiquitous problem is out of our control, therefor not worth worrying about!

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