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Debate: News has no conection with most people's lives.

Some people believe thait it is a waste of time to read newspapers or watch news programs on TV.

What's your opinion? To what extent do you agree or disagree?

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  • Oct 17 2012: The old problem of "If it bleeds it leads." remains an issue. But, news falls into two separate categories these days:

    1.) most media is controlled by a very small number of massive multinational corporations. This is far more insidious than most people realize. China has no free press, there is not even a pretense of freedom there. In the US we think we have free press but we fail to recognize that media consolidation has taken things as far as it has while laws have eroded to ensure truth in our news.

    2.) Most young people now use the internet which means that it is really them that are "gatekeeping" their own information feed. They fail to see the bigger picture of how the rest of the world effects their daily lives and so they ignore it. People need to be taught to see the direct connection between themselves and the larger world. It is not instinctive. This self imposed gatekeeping is abetted by search engine algorithms that tend toward confirmation bias. You see only that which conforms to your pre-existing world view.

    We need to actively seek out contradictory view points. You need to work at seeing how the pieces of this global world all fit together.


    Articles like this are pretty clear about how drought in one part of the world effects prices elsewhere. But, you need to think through what could that mean for me? Are there problems that this will cause here? Are there opportunities?

    China is a rising economy. Why? What news shows it to you? What news shows you China's vulnerability? That broader world view can help you make better plans for yourself and your family.

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