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Is there any possibility for us to surpass the speed of light?

The discovery of Higgs boson indicates that light-speed travel is possible.

Until now we are very far from that. Is it possible for us to travel with the speed of light?

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    Oct 18 2012: As the speed of a moving mass increases the mass physically compacts. Imagine the effect of cranking-up the speed to over a million-times faster than a 600 mph rocket sled! Einstein allowed for particles called tachyons which were created at, and can theoretically exceed, c. Also there is something called Cherenkov Radiation which might travel FTL (faster than light) in certain mediums. Einstein denied the possibility of a mass being accelerated up to c and then exceeding it. Something might exist beyond the Light Barrier, but nothing can ever break it. The jury (Nobel Physics Prize) is still out on Higgs Boson. Sorry, no 670 million-miles-per-hour travel for you Ramu.
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    Oct 17 2012: If the mind can concieve it, then it can be done.
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    Oct 17 2012: As far as I understand, light can only travel as fast as the medium it allows it to: space.

    So if you can warp and condense space it takes to reach your destination, you can travel faster than light.